The good stuff: Social Suzi Designs provides full-service online branding development. I’m an expert in social media which makes your website interactive and fun! Most importantly, I want to build a site that represents YOU!

Who I Love Working With: My clients are the dreamers, the independent souls, the creators, and the artists who want to spread a positive message to the world with their online persona.

If you’re a small business looking to expand your brand and your online exposure I would love to work with you! I relish working with clients who have a vision and a dream they want to make a reality through the power of internet media!

What We Do: We’re all social and so is the internet! So I specialize in the social stuff. Social media is a powerful tool to help build your brand – and it goes beyond status updates on Facebook. I’ll build a site that represents you and your business, that is SEO optimized and integrates social media right into the platform.

Social Suzi Designs comes with nearly a decade of experience in Inbound Marketing that prioritizes and promises your site and you will be easily located and accessed!

What You Can Expect:

  • Custom Design: Because I want your online brand to represent you, I’ll starts by getting to know you and your business personally. Your design package includes a customized consultation that truly builds your site from the idea up – everything from colors, mood, to functionality.It is important that every site fully represent its owner and what better way than for you to be involved in the artistic development of your online brand?
  • Easy Updates: Since you can’t carry me around in your pocket, my goal is to teach you to manage your own site following completion. With your Design Package we include development training to manage your content so your site grows with you. Just because I teach you the basics, doesn’t mean we’re out of reach. I’m always an email or tweet away!
  • A Very Social Site: It’s all in my business name, after all. Social Suzi Designs loves social media and it’s my speciality. Social media will bring customers to you simply because you’re awesome … and your website should reflect that!… And what better way to capitalize on those marketing efforts than by building a unique, interesting, and creative site? I’ll integrate your site with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media platforms to connect you with traffic that allows you to be the best marketing for your brand.
  • Your fully customizable site will also offer the option of a blog so you can share your thoughts, experiences, photos, articles, videos and more to help visitors connect with your business.

If this sounds good to you, contact me today and let’s get social together!