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The How to Create Podcast gives you a peek behind the scenes, inside the brains, and over the shoulders of amazing creative professionals. With a unique focus on the creative process, these revelatory interviews and minisodes reveal stories and wisdom from business building creatives that are not often talked about.

If you are a creative professional who runs a business, has a side hustle, or who dreams of going from hand-made to self-made as you turn your creative brand into a thriving empire, you will be inspired to find and sustain your creative inspiration, and overcome doubt and blocks as you listen to how these amazing creators found their creative voices and worked to amplify them into successful, sustaining ventures.

Mini Episode: How To Focus Your Creative Brand

Today we are going to tackle a pain point that I hear from SO MANY creatives that I work with: Finding Your Creative Brand Focus. If you feel like you are spinning your wheels, feeling completely overwhelmed, exhausted from trying to do ALL. THE. THINGS., trying to...

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Episode 1: Mentors and Muses with Kathleen Shannon

No one in the world can create what you can. No one shares your voice, your passion, and your gifts. If you just so happen to want to turn your creative ideas into a business, then it’s likely you’ll start to fight fears and doubts. Putting yourself out there as a...

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