Finally, A Mastermind Community Dedicated to Helping Your Creative Business Thrive

go from hand-made to self-made as you turn your creative brand into a thriving empire

You’re a creative professional and you work HARD at being amazing at your craft.

You’re a designer, writer, photographer, artist, calligraphier, maker, letterer….someone who serves the world by dreaming up something that didn’t exist before.

But as you know, creative work can be hard and lonely. As a creative professional, you start out strong. You’re getting clients, your hustle mode is ON, the work has you fired up, and you are thrilled with what you are able to make happen. Maybe you even quit your job and go full time.

But…then you get tired. You lose steam.

You feel scattered and exhausted because the lack of clarity on how exactly you’re going to grow this business of yours has left you spending so much time and money in different directions that now…you’re nowhere. And you feel alone on your journey because you don’t know any other creative professionals who get what you’re going through. And when you’re in the thick of the daily hustle, it can feel impossible to escape the predictable burnout, isolation, and evaporating inspiration.

Eventually, the work starts to feel tedious because it’s never-ending, and the constant hustle means you are trading dollars for time just like before you left your job and you slowly begin to wonder if it was really worth it after all.

Here’s the Great News:
It absolutely doesn’t have to be this way.

You know what you do, and you’re darn good at it – and this burnout cycle or constant lack of clarity of what to do next has Got. To. Stop.

So how are we gonna resolve it?

Well, you’ve tried buying e-courses (in fact, you probably have a stack of them that you’ve started and never finished…ooops…)

….but so much of the business advice out there just doesn’t doesn’t apply to us creatives.
Our day-to-day workflow is so different, our client relationships have fluid boundaries, and trying to “plan” when inspiration will hit can feel futile.

Don’t get me started on how toxic the #HustleHarder mentality can be for creativity…

And being a “starving artist” isn’t a good look on you either…

I am here to tell you that you CAN feel expansive, supported, guided and profitable as a creative…
You just need the right tools.

I’m Suzi Istvan, and I’m a creative professional just like you.

I’ve been paying the bills by working in the trenches as a creative services professional for the past five years. I own a design and branding agency called Splendidly Curious, and I work with brilliant creatives who are industry leaders and absolutely love what they do. I’ve worked with some big name clients in the online business world, along with hundreds of phenomenally talented and gifted up-and-coming entrepreneurs. I’ve appeared on Creative Live as a guest expert, spoken at live events, and have established myself as a trusted brand and design pro who delivers results. Most of my current client roster have been with me for 2+ years, and I consistently have a waitlist of potential clients.

But it wasn’t always like that.

Once upon a time, I wasn’t making enough money for the amount of work I was putting in. My clients had expectations I had no idea how to manage. I still hadn’t learned how to create boundaries that let me do my best work. More than once, I found myself wanting to quit, wondering if it was really worth it.

I know what it’s like to burn out because of constantly hustling to pay the bills.

I know how it feels to feel isolated, like you’re the only one around who does what you do or even remotely understands what you do.

I know what it feels like to forget how much you actually love your work because you’re feeling drained and uninspired.

Most of all, I know how it feels to be totally over all of the above.

The problem is that most programs designed to address burnout, isolation, and a lack of inspiration are:

– Expensive.

– Designed to be a short burst of inspo, versus a longer term support system.

– Intense, and it’s hard to find the time or energy to get the most out of it.

When I imagined the support system I wish I’d had to assist me while I was learning how to expand my business in a way that felt sustainable, it was more than that.

It had the effectiveness and focus of a mastermind, the centering and encouragement of an online retreat, and most importantly, the support and sisterhood of other creatives that I longed for.

Part Business Mastermind, Part Mentorship, Part Sisterhood,

The Nourished Creative Collective is an ongoing program designed to facilitate connection, fuel inspiration, and fight burnout so we can rise together to do our best work in the world.

Through a combination of masterclasses and monthly group work, we’ll curate a community that addresses the needs of creative professionals like us. Together, we’ll nourish the creative human behind your business so you can create more in the world, make better business decisions, and grow a brand you’re proud of that is sustainable and successful.

This isn’t an e-course or some DIY checklist of things to try in your creative business. This is a personalized community to give you the support, feedback, and advice that you need to thrive as a creative professional today.

“Building a business isn’t about playing safe. Which is why I love Suzi’s passion for pushing her clients’ edges. She helps them find new levels of excellence for their brands, their businesses, and their great work. Hire Suzi when you’re ready to bust your own self-imposed limits.”
Tara Gentile

Author and Founder, Cocommercial

“Suzi Istvan is a powerhouse brand strategist, with a strong sense of what works online and off. She has a keen sense of the different marketing landscapes, and where your business can carve out a special place to thrive. She’s done it for herself, and she’ll help you do it, too!

Her recommendations are incredibly applicable, and she can cut to the heart of an issue and deliver top not strategies within minutes. I highly recommend working with Suzi, because this is one investment that will lead to more profitable offerings and a happier business too!”

Nathalie Lussier

Digital Strategist and Co-Founder, Ambition Ally

“I tell everyone who will listen that hiring Suzi has been the best thing for my business!! Not only does she have incredible marketing vision and tech smarts, but she understands my heart and purpose in all of this and is always encouraging me in ways that feel natural and don’t stress me out (SO important!). She truly has a gift of seeing people’s gifts and helping them see that their potential is so much greater than they ever knew. Any chance to learn from or work with Suzi is a complete no-brainer!”

Lisa Funk

Creative Founder & Art Director, Hand Lettered Design

The Nourished Creative Collective is the online Mastermind Community to help professional creatives find clarity, community, support, and knowledge to grow their brands.

I’ve curated the best of the best, and I’m overjoyed to share it all with you.

Every month, experts who have been in the trenches and have first-hand experience in nourishment, connection, and creativity will teach Masterclasses on topics highly relevant to creative professionals.

With these leaders we’ll explore fighting burnout, staying connected and inspired in an isolating vocation, and harnessing your creativity to better the world around you.

Our Masterclasses Schedule Includes:

Rachel Rodgers

On finding confidence & setting nourishing boundaries

Nathalie Lussier

On getting out of idea overwhelm and into creative action

Amber McCue

On goal setting without
crushing creativity

Becca Piastrelli

On staying inspired &
fighting burnout

Ashley Beaudin

On turing your creative work
into a bigger movement

Cathy Olson
On finding and following your unique style and voice as a creative

Alaia Williams

On setting up systems that let you do your best work

Ellen Ercolini

On money mindset and
feeling value as a creative

Val Geisler

On simpliying your process,
workflow, and life

Lisa Funk

On finding time to practice and grow in your craft (while running a biz)

Megan Flatt

On productivity for creatives
(get it done!)

Leah Neaderthal

On getting comfortable with sales and signing new clients

…with even more to be added throughout the year…

Each month a new exclusive Masterclass will be released, along with worksheets and bonus materials. Many experts are also already excited to host live Q&A sessions during their months so you can dive more deeply with them.

At the end of the month each Masterclass will move to our resource vault where you can return to it again and again whenever you need it as long as you are a member!

CASE STUDY: Amy Braswell
Founder & Designer,
Paperfinch Designs

“Let me say that the Nourished Creative Collective has WAY exceeded what I was hoping it would be. I legitimately feel like I’ve found a group of new best friends.

And in the short time I’ve been involved with The Collective, I’ve already found new clients, new resources, and new work. Along with a community of people who are invested in me, in my business, my health (mental and physical) and in my thoughts.

Suzi has done an amazing job of creating a space where you truly feel valued and appreciated. “


“The Nourished Creative Collective has been such a joy to become a part of. The word nourished in particular sat so well from me because that is exactly what this community is. It’s food for your heart, water for your garden.

It’s the “that’s it” that you are missing. ...and most of all, it’s been the support my one-woman-show world has been lacking. I cannot tell you how much pressure is off my mind and heart to know I can pop an idea out loud to this group and get not just encouragement-type feedback, but strategic “you should do this” feedback.

Everything about this group has been tangible – the learning, the community, the input – and I’m excited to be a part of it all as it grows!”

Hope Johnson

Designer and Founder, Little Blue Chair

“The Nourished Creative Collective has helped me to grow so much just in the last 3 months. I love being surrounded by amazing creative business geniuses that make me feel more competent in areas that I lack experience or expertise. I’ve also been challenged and encouraged to move forward in areas that I’ve been afraid to step into, helping me to grow as a creative professional AND just as a human being. I am so grateful for this group. ”

Shawna Clingerman

Illustrator, Artist & Designer, Shawna Clingerman Designs

“Being an online business owner, I spend a lot of my time behind my computer screen, alone. I was desperately seeking a new community to connect with online. I needed a group of business owners that would understand my business, cheer my successes and provide words of wisdom.

Suzi has curated an amazing group of women who do just that. I instantly felt welcomed into this lovely community of creative entrepreneurs. While I didn’t consider myself ‘creative’ when I joined, this group has allowed me to explore the creative pieces of my business and helped me grow as a business owner.

Megan Flatt

Business Growth Strategist ,

“I love being a part of the Norished Creative Collective.

In just a few short weeks, I’ve been able to streamline my site design on-boarding process, write an amazing sales page, blocked out focued time weekly to work on my business during the amazing coworking sessions, and I love the challenges and peeps that are in the Collective with me!

I’m so glad I took the leap and became a member!”

Kimberly Gosney

Website Designer and Developer, Cupcake Websites

“As the owner of a rapidly growing and fast-paced company, I used to simply cut out problem areas in my business. If something was working, I’d shut it down and move on.

Since joining and experiencing the support and coaching in the Collective, I’ve learned to get to the real root of those so-called “problem areas” and create actionable strategies to work with them.

I feel more in control and able to make my business work for ME and my creative flow.

Catherine Pooler

Founder and CEO, Catherine Pooler Designs and StampNation

“I joined the Nourished Creative Collective because I experienced massive burnout last year and I wanted to gain some support & skills to prevent it again in the future.

What I found was beyond my expectations: part work-life support group, part creative encouragement, part business mastermind & networking group. The people in the group are inspiring, warm-hearted and willing to help in whatever ways they can. It’s the first community I go to when I’m trying to solve a problem, whether personal or professional.”

Meg Casebolt

Design Concierge & Marketing Strategist , Megabolt Digital Creative Design

The Membership Experience:

Here is exactly what’s included in your Nourished Creative Collective Membership:

For 12 Months, You Have Unlimited Access to:

A Monthly Masterclass Taught By World-Class Experts

…that explicitly address the topics that mean the most to you as a creative. From famous names you already know to brilliant teachers you NEED to know, you’ll have front row seat to exclusive lessons that you won’t find anywhere else. 

– Monthly Implementation Challenges

…that will keep you finding inspiration to take into your creative work, and will provide accountability and support as we implement lessons from the Masterclasses together. No e-courses piling up around here- we’re putting this knowledge to WORK.

– Monthly Coaching Calls

…so you can get laser-focused advice on the most pressing needs in your business and creative process.

– Weekly CoWorking Time

…where you’ll get accountability and encouragement to work on your craft beyond the day-to-day client work. Imagine how much you could streamline, improve, and grow your business with dedicated work time every week!

-*NEW* AMA Sessions

…have you ever wanted to pick the brain of another creative pro who know how to do something that you’ve been wanting to try? Well our members are invited to lead “Ask Me Anything” sessions where they show off their expertise…and the rest of us learn a TON! Sessions so far have included image/artwork licensing, SEO, Instagram growth, breaking down big projects, and more!

– Access to our Private Facebook Community And Membership Site

dedicated to connecting with fellow creative professionals who understand you and will support you. We’re sharing all of our best resources and advice so you know exactly where to go, who to hire, and what steps to take as you grow your thriving business. AND you’ll have a go-to destination to find others who will give you feedback, help cheer on your business, network like a boss…you know, all that #bizsquad stuff.

– Exclusive Member Pricing

…on in-person events and retreats that are in the works, exclusive swag, and even one-on-one coaching should you feel you need it. We’ve got you.

Investment is $1995 per year with payment plans available. Membership is limited to make sure everyone recieves the attention and support they need.
Join the waitlist to be the first to know about available spots in Spring 2018.


The Nourished Creative Collective is For You If:

– You are a creative professional (writers, artists, designers, photographers, choreographers, letterers, muscicians, calligraphers…you get the idea!). The creative business can be full time or a side hustle, as long as you are looking to do your best work and make it exactly the business you want.

– You tend to focus so much on producing for clients that you’re losing the joy you once had for your work…or at the very least you never seem to be able to focus on your own work!

– You have a business, but you’re looking to pivot or refocus and you want support and serious knowledge to do it in the smartest way possible…OR…

– Your established business grew faster than you were ready for…and now you’re running to keep up with all of the tasks that are suddenly on your plate.

– You are looking to connect with others who are in a similar space and you’re ready to both ask for and give support

– You need new ways to stay inspired and push your creative work to be better

– You have a product OR service based business- our members are an awesome mix of both

– YOU ARE READY. For growth, for new projects that make you light up, for more time away from your computer, for reaching new people and touching their lives…you’ve got your eye and your heart set on something and you’re ready to get help making it hapen.

This May Not Be a Fit For You If:

– You are completely new to starting a business of any kind and you’ve never gotten your first client before. This won’t be a fit for you now, but we are SO cheering you on! Make sure you’re signed up here for resources and trainings coming your way soon. 

– You aren’t interested in showing up for CoWorking, Coaching, in the Community, or taking the Masterclasses. You are completely invited to participate in the Collective as it works for you in whatever season of life you’re in…but like so many things, you will absolutely get out what you put in.

– You are looking only for marking hacks and business shortcuts. We’re happy to share resources, but we’re looking for deeper stuff so we can feel nourished as we expand our businesses.

– You think you need to be broke to be a true creative. We don’t buy that around here, and we definitely won’t be encouraging it. We believe you can thrive AND create world-changing art if that what you’re called to do.

In Case You’re Wondering…

What Is The Nourished Creative Collective?

The Nourished Creative Collective is an online Mastermind Community for creative professionals who want to stay inspired, feel connected, and fight burnout so they can put their best work into the world and grow their brands. It offers ongoing support through monthly expert Masterclasses, challenges, exclusive resources, and connection with other creatives, all from the comfort of your own home.

Membership last for 12 months, but can be renewed each year.

When Does This Program Start? How Long Does It Last?

Once enrollment reopens, our membership site and Facebook community will be ready for you right away. You’ll get access as soon as you make your payment. Which is great news for you, because that means you can dive into your first Masterclass training right away, friend!

Your membership lasts for 12 months after your join.

The Collective will be an ongoing program, continuously growing and here to support you, so you will have the option of renewing your membership after 12 months should you choose to do so.

Where Does This Program Happen? Do I Have To Travel?

The Nourished Creative Collective is completely online! All our meetings are virtual, our Masterclasses are recorded with live Q&A components, and our members will gather in a private Facebook group and an exclusive online membership site.

We do have potential in-person retreats in the works, and members will be given preferred pricing should they decide to attend.

Will This Help Me Grow My Business?

Being profitable, feeling valued, and being able to support yourself and thrive with your creative work is an important part of being a Nourished Creative. Our Masterclasses will help you to work more efficiently, to leverage the support of your community, to have healthy boundaries with your clients so you can get everything done, set goals for sustainable growth, and so much more.

I believe that nourishing the creative human behind your creative brand is essential in growing your business.

Is This Right For Me?

Are you a creative professional? (A writer, artist, designer, photographer, choreographer, muscician, calligrapher…you get the idea!) Do you tend to focus so much on producing for clients that you’re losing the joy you once had for your work? Are you looking to connect with others who are in a similar space? Are you needing new ways to stay inspired and push your creative work to be better?

If you find yourself nodding in agreement, you’re probably in the right place. (And if you’re still not sure? Shoot me an email here.

Is It Really Worth The Money?

Well, I may be a little biased, but if you’re looking for a curated community for creative professionals by creative professionals, this is going to pay for itself in dividends. The masterclasses here aren’t going to be offered anywhere else by these experts at any other time and the value of those alone is worth the cost of admission.

A creative professional retreat often costs what an entire year’s membership to The Nourished Creative Collective- and while those are wonderful, they only last a few days. The goal here is to build an online respite and support system for you that is here and ready every day of the year.

Finally, remeber that as a creative professional, you can’t afford burnout. Nourishing yourself, staying fueled with inspiration, and learning from others who have been in your shoes will help you to show up as your very best in your work for your business and in your growth as a creative.

Apply and I’ll give you an absolutely honest opinion as to whether or not the Collective will be beneficial to you!

Who Else Will Be In This Community With Me?

The people who have joined are exactly the people I had in mind when I created this community- wildly talented creatives with established businesses, looking to grow and feel supported while they do it.

They are a mix of both product and service-based businesses. Their business size ranges from one-woman shops who are pivoting to a new direction to million dollar brands with a team working under them…They each bring different strengths and expertise to the table, are open-hearted, ready to share and learn from their fellow members.

If this sounds like your people, we’d love to have you, too!

I'm Really Busy. I Don't Know If I Have Time For This.

No doubt you are busy. That’s one of the main reasons I created this Collective. As creative professionals, taking time to fill ourselves up and give ourselves the tools to do our work well is something that is essential to our professions. One of the goals of membership is to help you carve out this time to do work that is for YOU, not just for your clients. And ultimately, putting time into the Collective each month will help you to gain energy and momentum to bring into all areas of your life.

I'm Not Sure If This Is The Right Time.

You know what your life looks like right now, and I honor that. I can tell you that this community will meet you where you are to support you in whatever this looks like. Because of the current special pricing and bonuses, there will never be a better time to join our collective.

I'm Not Technically In A Creative Profession. Can I Still Join?

Let’s talk about this. If you are a creative person in a not-traditionally-creative job, I firmly believe there is room for you to bring your unique viewpoint to your work. And if your job or workplace isn’t keeping your inspired, The Nourished Creative Collective could be exactly the place to fill you up. Members who didn’t consider themselves “creative” before they joined often find they are now leaning into their creative sides in their businesses more than ever, and loving every minute of it!

Can I Cancel Or Get A Refund?

This Collective will make a huge difference in your creative life….but only if you are committed to showing up for yourself and for the other members. Because of the intimate nature of our community, I don’t offer refunds on this program, but what I can offer you is my personal commitment to make this a nourishing and rewarding experience for you. If you are feeling that this is exactly what you need in your life and business right now, I know you won’t regret join our special community today.

Think of how you’ll feel when you go from scattered, exhausted, and isolated
to Nourished Creative:

– you’ll have a clarity around what to do next and you’ll have confidence that you’re making better business decisions

– you’ll have a community you can turn to for advice, feedback, and encouragement…whether you need to know if your latest proposal looks amazing to what to say in a sticky client situation to finding the exact resource you need and so much more…we’ve got your back

– you’ll have focused dedicated work time so you can actually build YOUR business, instead of those important tasks always getting pushed to the bottom of a pile of client work

– you’ll constantly be learning from world-class experts, refreshing your inspiration, and knowing that your skills + your brilliance can get you anywhere you want to go

Investment is $1995 per year with payment plans available. Membership is limited to make sure everyone recieves the attention and support they need.
Join the waitlist to be the first to know about available spots in Spring 2018.