Tell me if you’ve said any of these before:

  •  I’m not good at the money stuff
  • I can’t figure out the tech side of things
  • I’m creative, I’m just not good at business
  • I can start projects but I can never finish them

Or anything along those lines. I’m going to give you a pep talk right now. Take a deep breath. Because you need to hear this.

As a creative, you’ve been told a lie. You’ve been told you’re “flighty” or “hard to reign in”. That you CAN’T make plans or strategies because you’re too right-brained. That you can dream up pretty things and make pretty things, but you have to leave the figuring-it-out part to other people. That you can’t run a business well.

Here’s what I know: THAT’S NOT TRUE.

And I get so frustrated with this myth that people spread about creative souls and that we constantly tell ourself.

One of the reasons I love working with creatives is we are the people that make something out of nothing. The level of resourcefulness just to make that process happen already puts us at an advantage.

I had one client who went from a completely digital product to creating a physical product line in a matter of months. Neither of us knew what we were doing. This client never blinked an eye- when she didn’t know how to do something, she’d pick up the phone and call someone who might know and go from there. I remember one day she mentioned that she thought she was going to need a warehouse and a distribution center- within 48 hours she had found one local to her and was ready to move product in. She was a master of figuring things out.

I had another client who was an incredible hand-letterer. In the days before the iPad pro, she taught herself not only her own unique, gorgeous lettering style, but also how to digitize her work, clean it up in Photoshop, turn it into a physical product…NONE of which she knew how to do when she started. And yet, she had convinced herself that she was not a person who could figure out the “business” stuff. When she started to apply the same process of creation to building her business, learning the parts she didn’t know already, practicing the things that felt uncomfortable, she began to soar.

I’ve seen this over and over and I promise I see it in you.

The part of your brain that creates things the world needs, is also the part of your brain that is capable of figuring things out in a way nobody else can. Lean into this!

Do you already need to know how to do everything? Nope!

Do you need to do everything yourself? Again, nope!

But do you need to trust yourself a little more, know that you can figure things out, build things one step at a time, and that you are more than capable of being creative AND successful? YES m’am you do.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not good at the “business stuff”. You have the heart and the mind for it. I know this for sure.

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