Have you ever seen an incredible design or work of art and wondered…how did the designer even come up with that idea? Have you ever been struggling with a creative project and wondered if you were the only one…or if this particular task was tough for everyone? Have you ever wanted to peek over the shoulder of another maker and see exactly what their work flow is…or tap into their inspiration…or even just been curious to know what its like to be in another creative’s brain?

This show was created for YOU.

I’m Suzi Istvan. I’m a brand strategist and marketing expert with over 13 years of experience, owner of my own creative business, designer, and community leader who is passionate about helping handmade, hand lettered, crafty, and creative spirited business owners grow a thriving brand, doing work they love with clients they adore.
Whew, that’s a mouthful!

I have spent YEARS….literally years….absolutely fascinated by the creative process and how it looks so different to everyone.

And yet at the same time, noticing how so many creatives feel completely alone, when in reality, there are common quirks, ideas, fears, and experiences that we all share…but never talk about.

As a designer, I often spend hours a day at my desk or out for walks looking for inspiration…and I’m a total podcast junkie. I’ve found many incredible podcast that look at the business side of creative business…but none that satisfied my nosiness…or maybe we could say curiosity to make it sound nice!…to learn about the humans who were actually doing the creating.

How to Create was born to have those deeply personal conversations with makers, creators, designers, photographers, letters, writers, artist and so many more to learn all about how these humans work, what inspires them, what influences them what scares them, and why their work is important in today’s world.

My hope is that you, my creative friend, will not only love to hear these conversations, but that they will inspire you in your own work.

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