What if you had a launch play-by-play?

What if you had a launch play-by-play?


You want to create a digital training program, online course, or group coaching offering… but you just don’t know exactly what it all involves.

Many times in business, we put off doing the important high-value things because we don’t know “how” to do them. Instead, we fill our days with “urgent” tasks and reacting to every request or email that comes our way.

The solution? (You might already know this one, because you’re a smartie!)

Being able to break down and prioritize a big project into smaller bite sized pieces, that you can actually do and delegate to others as well.

That’s exactly what digital strategist Nathalie Lussier created when she put together her Launch It and Profit program.

It’s truly the step-by-step playbook to launching your first or next online program, book, or course.

She leaves nothing out: you’ll learn about the tech systems you’ll need to launch and deliver your content, how to test your idea and make sure it will be profitable, and how to plan, schedule, and create your launch materials like a pro.

I highly recommend you check it out for yourself here.

Nathalie is one of the most down to earth, real deal teachers in this space, and she really cares about her students’ success. She has become a friend and mentor to me, and has truly helped my to push my way through business overwhelm and into creating a structure where I get to do work I love, with people I adore, and on a schedule that works for my family and me.

So….why am I promoting someone else’s program?

Great question! (See, I knew you were smart!) I’m spreading the word for a few reasons:

  • I truly believe this information is so important to growing your brand. And while I adore working with my clients on an long term one-on-one basis, group programs aren’t part of our Social Suzi offerings (at least not right now). Launch It and Profit is a perfect compliment to anyone who is working on long term brand strategy and who wants to be confident the next time they are ready to send something into the world.
  • In a sea of online business experts and gurus, there are only a few business coaches that I really trust and value the opinion of. Nathlalie is truly one of those people.
  • I’m going to be a student in this course, too! Yup, I’ll be taking this course right along side you, making sure I’ve got my launching skills sharp for both Social Suzi launches, and program launches for my clients.

And because classes with friends are always more fun…


I’ve created a special Launch It and Profit BONUS for anyone who purchases this course through my personal link- right here. It’s called the Social Suzi Launch It Study Hall!

10402918_688480011223904_2123433903331634218_nThe Social Suzi Launch It Study Hall will Include:

  • A private Facebook group with fellow Launch It Students where we can hold each other accountable, ask questions, and get feedback. And this won’t be one of those so-big-I-can’t-get-to-know-anyone-groups. This is a limited and intimate group.
  • A group Google Hangout during the 5 week course and one to check in a month after it wraps up.
  • A review of your launch sales page and strategic insight into how this product fits into your brand by me (Suzi Istvan, a brand strategist with a decade of marketing and branding experience). This is not a service I currently offer to the public and only members of this group will have access.

If you’ve been putting off launching because it’s daunting, then you need to learn how to break it down so you can go to town! Ready to get your launch play-by-play and do it with friends along for the ride? Spaces are limited- get yours here!