There comes a point in every project where I simply can not look at my own work anymore. I hit the wall, feel creatively tapped out, and start to settle into old, tired patterns. That’s why I always have an emergency stash of eye candy nearby for inspiration emergencies!

Instagram has become one of my go-to places to keep my creative juices flowing. Seeing the work of such talented artists, designers, crafters, and just plain wacky geniuses is the perfect fuel for great ideas and motivation to get making my own work.

Here are 15 of my very favorite accounts for finding breathtaking creative inspiration:

1. Kelly Ventura Design

I wanted this caption to read “soooooo pretty”…but to be more specific, Kelly leaves her mark on Instagram with her hand-painted water color designs.

2. Julie Lee

Julie’s clean stunning food photography style doesn’t just make you want the food- you want to BE in each scene.

3. Will Taylor

A splash of bright style to make you smile with every post.

4. Emily Jeffords

Emily is an oil painter who creates impressionist landscapes, meant to create a sense of peace. But her behind the scenes images leave you feeling peaceful, as well.


5. Tal Peleg

This insanely talented makeup artist creates entire scenes on a single eyelid. Seriously.

6. Janine Tollady


Minimalist, gorgeous, and a much-needed dose of clean and calm in a loud social media world.


7. anniset

Anna is an architect and artist/photographer who delivers pastel slightly absurd works of art and beautiful prose with each post.

8. the jealous curator

The Instagram account to accompany one of my favorite places to spend time on the internet. A curation of contemporary art that I absolutely can not stop looking at.


9. Able Ground


Stunning crystals in colorful arrangements to provide a mystical vibe in your day.


10. peachesandkeen

The pattern-lover in me can not resist the creations of a graphic designer and silversmith to combine powers to create lovely and bright works of organic art. (And super fun products!)

11. fourcornersartcollective

Did I mention I’m obsessed with patterns? Seven surface-pattern designers who live around the world share their fresh, modern, and drool-worthy work.

12. Trotter

A dog who play dressup. Flawlessly.

13. Samantha Lee


I didn’t even really know a “food artist” was a thing. But it is. And she’s amazing.

14. Meg Gleason

I don’t know what I love looking at more: Meg’s colorful letterpress paper goods or the peeks into her life on her farm and adorable family.

15. liz payne


Liz from Flirting with Yellow creates bright embroidery art that makes me happy every time I see it.


Share in the comments: who else should be on this list? What accounts are you loving right now? (And be sure to follow us @splendidlycurious on Instagram!)