You may be wondering…

How much do your one year engagement packages cost?


Rates for our one year engagement packages, where we partner with you to become your “in-house” brand strategy, design and development team, range from $16,000 to $25,000 per year. All engagements include brand strategy work, design work, and web development.

The beauty of these packages is that, while they are a significant investment, they are also a great fit for the right business owner. You know if it’s right. You know when you’ve outgrown doing piecemeal design, doing too much design work yourself (when design is NOT your area of brilliance), stressing over delegating and wondering if your current designer will be available for your next project. You also know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that you do NOT have the budget to hire a full time designer at 50-70k per year.

Check out everything we’ll take off your plate and contact us now. Our 2015 slots are filling up. Link to one year engagement page.

Why should I hire a you for a year when I can just hire you when I need you?


This is a great question! And the honest answer is, you actually can’t just “hire us when you need us.” One of the reasons we do long term engagements is that we get booked up very quickly. When clients used to hire us to do a single project, loved the work, and then tried to re-hire us for something else, we were too booked! Over time, we’ve found that long term engagements are how we best serve our clients – because the one year commitment guarantees they get our time and attention as they need it. Which means it’s are also how our clients get the best RESULTS.

Clients who jump at the opportunity to get into a one year engagement with us know that it’s exactly what they need because they:

  • Have created so many opportunities for their business that it’s become hard to discern which to do first, which not to do, and why – an indicator they are ready for brand strategy work.
  • Are confident in their brand, and are doing work they love, but the constant need for new design and development is holding them back – they have outgrown working with a freelance designer that they have to keep going back to every time they need something new (and potentially risking that that designer will be too booked to work with them).
  • Have reached an earnings plateau and need to seamlessly move beyond it – and part of the reason is they’re spending too much time doing design and development work themselves – things like:
    • Websites
    • Landing Pages
    • Ebooks
    • Opt in materials
    • Webinar pages and promotions
    • Product launch materials
    • Social media campaign graphics
    • Media and speaker kits
    • Online or membership course workbooks
    • Retreat planning documents
    • Packaging for information products

If you don’t identify with some or all of these elements, a one year engagement may not be for you – YET.

If that’s the case you may benefit from some brand strategy work. Our brand strategy packages focus on supporting you to develop your next great offer and/or your branding and sales messaging. Each package includes three one hour sessions directly with Suzi – with the option to add on a logo design. If you believe that may be more of what you‘re looking for, click here for more information.

Why can’t you just build my website for me?


Suzi built websites as stand-alone projects for years, and her clients LOVED the sites she built for them. NOW, as a boutique branding agency, we do our best work (strategy + design + development) when engaged in long term relationships with our clients or doing laser focused strategy sessions. Ultimately, we found that our clients wanted this too.

I need a stunning new logo. Can you help me?


Yes we can, if you are willing to do the brand strategy work first! Check out our brand strategy packages. We can help you focus on developing your next offer or your branding and sales messaging. The packages come with three one hour sessions of brand strategy work with Suzi PLUS you can add a logo to the package.

What is “Brand Strategy” exactly?


First of all, brand strategy is not marketing. Marketing is what you do to promote and sell your products and services. A website and a logo are marketing tools, for example. Your brand is the heart and soul of your business – the part you personify.Your brand starts with YOU . . .

  • The service or product you provide
  • How you BEST serve your clients or customers
  • Your favorite colors, fonts, and graphics
  • Who you most love to serve and why
  • Why you’re in business – what you believe in

Ultimately, your brand is about YOUR CLIENTS AND CUSTOMERS. Who they are, what they believe in, and how they feel when they interact with you.

Brand strategy, then, is a creative combination of evaluating, forecasting, and focused action steps to create a brand that you embody. It includes your unique messaging, visuals, and confidence that pulls your ideal people to your business – to the point where they think and feel “YES – I want that. I need that.”

Some of the things we can accomplish when we work together on your brand strategy are:

  • Make your business feel like “you” so you embody your brand
  • Distinguish your business so that it stands out from the crowd
  • Make your business visually stand out and “stick” in the minds of prospects
  • Position you clearly within your market
  • Help you set and meet clearly defined revenue goals
  • Clearly define or refine your offerings and price points
  • Attract clients who are a great “fit” for the way you serve
  • Attract customers who LOVE your stuff so much they become evangelists

An important, though less tangible, result of brand strategy that our clients experience is feeling so confident in what they uniquely offer that they no longer (or very rarely) compare themselves to their competitors or get upset when a “hot new business” enters their market. It’s so important to be aware of your competition, but not compare your business to theirs or become so much of a fan of other businesses that you lose sight of your own marvelous brand and what it stands for.

How will I know that I’m ready for serious brand strategy work?


Some indicators we’ve discovered through our experience working with our brilliant clients in one year engagement packages may help you here:

  • Your business is growing and expanding – and you’ve been doing your design and development DIY or piecemeal with a designer.
  • You’re creating more offerings, reaching more people, and bumping up your rates (or you plan to).
  • Design/development is NOT your forte, and you can foresee (or are already experiencing) headaches and stress from the way you’ve been doing it.
  • You realize that you’re going to need more design and technology – and frankly, that part is starting to hold you back.

If brand strategy work sounds exactly like what you need, and you’d like a smaller package than a one year engagement, one of our Brand Strategy Session packages may be a great fit for you.

Will my revenues increase if I hire you?


That’s the idea! Our belief has always been that you can have the most gorgeous web presence in the world, but if it’s not making you money, what’s the point? Clients come to us when they have either broken through to the next level in their business or are about to. A huge piece of that is increased revenue. Which is why our clients set revenue goals and we create brand strategy, design and development to meet those goals. That said, we cannot, and would never, guarantee a specific outcome. Just as happens when you hire a lawyer, business coach, or accountant, we can’t guarantee that your investment in our services will make money.

What is a brand strategy session?


A brand strategy session is you and Suzi, on the phone, strategizing about your brand. Our brand strategy packages are delivered over a period of 3-8 weeks for a smaller investment than a one year engagement (which includes monthly strategy calls with Suzi).

I need design more than I need branding strategy. Can we work together?


Excellent! All three levels of our one year engagement packages include monthly calls with Suzi, and all of our clients go through a planning process where we look deeply at where you want your brand to go. Every business, in our professional opinion, should be doing this no matter where you are with your brand. We’ve also found that clients coming to us primarily for design have benefitted greatly from the strategy work we do together.