1. “I can’t hire help- I’m The Only One Who Can Do What I Do”

This little lie keeps many creative business owners overwhelmed, overextended, and completely stuck when it comes to growing a brand. We creatives are great at convincing ourselves that since our work comes from US, we can’t possibly bring on others to help us.

This is far from the truth.

Start with the roles in your business that take you away from doing the work that only you can do. (Think about customer service, bookkeeping, certain marketing tasks.) Finding capable hands to take these off your plate can free you up to do more work that is essential to bringing in revenue.

But it doesn’t stop there- you actually can train and work with other creatives who can help you take on the more artistic elements of your brand, as well. Hire creatives who are more talented than you- you can learn from each other. Document your process so you can teach others how you work. Just know this is completely possible- you do NOT have to do this business alone, and your brand growth likely depends on you bringing on support at some point.

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2. “I’ll work when I’m inspired”

Nothing can quite make those creative muses run far far away than putting them under the gun and demanding they give you ideas. Waiting for inspiration to hit can be procrastination in the most classic sense. And trolling Pinterest right before you have a project due because you have no fresh ideas leads to uninspired work, or worse, unintentional copy-cat creations.

Avoid this trap by grabbing inspiration when it finds you BEFORE you sit down to work. Get in the habit of taking pictures on your phone of gorgeous architecture when you’re walking your dog. Tear out magazine advertisements with exciting color combinations. Author Anne Lamott recommends carrying around index cards to write down snippets of conversation you hear on the street. Tuck all of the ideas and inspiration away somewhere easy to access when you sit down to work and use as needed!

3. “Money Isn’t Important”

Yes it is. You’re running a business.

In fact, by setting up a brand that allows you to be well compensated for your talents and services, you are better able to provide for yourself, invest in better material for your work, and ultimately be a better creator.

Related lies:

  • “I do this for love, not payment” (unless you’re going to pay your bills with hugs and happy feelings, you need to rethink this one)
  • “I’m creative so I’m no good at business stuff” (well, you are running a business! It’s time to stop telling yourself this story and embrace your leadership role- seek out help for the parts you don’t understand, but recognize that being creative doesn’t let you off the hook for creating a business model that makes sure you are getting paid.)

(Want more about how to shake the hurtful “starving artist” mentality? I highly recommend checking out Dave Conrey’s Fresh Rag podcast for some tough love and valuable insight! )

4. “I’m too busy to work on my craft”

You have lots of client work and it’s keeping you super busy- great problem to have, right?! The trouble is, you haven’t had time to sit down and work on that new metalworking technique, or practice using that new camera lense, or figure out how to make a seamless pattern in Adobe Illustrator, or test out that paintbrush set….you get the idea. And forget working on a creative project that has nothing to do with your business and is just for you and the joy of creating! Who has the time?

The reality is, as a business owner, you won’t have the time unless you carve it out. Get it on your calendar as non-negotiable appointment just like you would for a client. You need time to fill up your creative tank, reconnect with your work and your style, and remember why you want to do this to begin with.

Remember, your own unique skill and style are an incredibly important piece of defining your creative brand. You need to consciously nourish this business asset.

Your turn to share! In the comments below- what lies have you told yourself about your business? Which ones are you kicking to curb in 2016?