Shenee Howard epitomizes what it’s like to put all of your authentic self into your creative endeavors. She’s known for her work in the marketing and branding space– having launched over 30 successful products for her client base of female entrepreneurs– but she’s also an aspiring screenwriter. Currently she’s living in Los Angeles, pursuing her dreams by working on selling her first pilot. 


In this episode, Shenee shares her perspective during this exciting time in her life where she’s in the process of jumping into this new stage of her professional career while still being open and honest about who she has always been as a creative. From her adoration of fan fiction, to the ways she balances her business and creative time, Shenee’s honest approach is heartfelt and relatable– even if screenwriting isn’t in your repertoire.

More creativity in this episode:

  • Shenee’s very first screenplay writing inspirations
  • Why Shenee grew up thinking she could never be a writer
  • Shenee’s educational experience and the way she crafted her own college degree
  • The catalyst that led Shenee to take the leap into entrepreneurship
  • What pop culture teaches Shenee about being a successful creative
  • Shenee shares why she loves Keanu Reeves, personally and professionally
  • What content Shenee likes to watch to unwind and relax her mind
  • The importance of designing your business to reflect what you most want to do
  • The moment Shenee decided to fully commit to her writing
  • Shenee shares practical tips to balance creative work and business management
  • How to stay organized as a writer and make tangible progress on your projects
  • Shenee shares what goes into writing a screenplay and her general process
  • How pilots are written, pitched, and sold from Shenee’s perspective
  • What it feels like to hit a wall in a screenplay, and what makes it challenging
  • Why sharing your own voice is essential as a creative, even if the content isn’t about you
  • Why representation matters and how screenplays benefit from different perspectives
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