Jessica Swift is a full-time surface pattern design artist on a quest to inspire and teach others to pursue their wild and creative dreams and never give up. Her magically uplifting, colorful artwork appears on fabric, stationary, gifts, and more. Jessica views her artwork as tokens of happiness– reminders you need and deserve to feel good in your life. In addition to her artwork, Jessica published a book, The Crafter’s Guide to Patterns, in April 2015. Jessica lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, toddler, and two cats. 


Today, Jessica is going to share her journey into her bright and bold world as a surface pattern designer– starting with the way she’s viewed color and creativity since childhood. Now, as a business owner, teacher, artist, and mom, there’s a lot to balance. Fortunately, Jessica has tips for busting some of the most creatively-draining challenges we can come upon, including what to do in the face of comparison, how to make the most of your unique style, and how to proactively view self-doubt in the learning process.

More creativity in this episode:

• The moment that ignited Jessica’s interest in visual art as a career path.
• The childhood experiences that built up her creative talent.
• How Jessica discovered surface pattern design and how she knew it was right for her.
• The ways Jessica’s creative voice has transformed over time.
• The 2 things that have remained consistent with Jessica’s artistic brand from the start.
• What Jessica views as her artistic weakness, and how she has learned to accept it.
• Jessica’s advice on how to navigate comparing yourself to other artists.
• How to know when to stay in your comfort zone, and when to break out!
• What commonalities Jessica sees in the learning process with her students.
• How doubt creeps into the learning and creating processes.
• Why sometimes Jessica will completely paint over nearly-finished work.
• When and how to stop being too precious with your creative work.
• What truly triggers inspiration for Jessica.
• How motherhood has influenced her creative work and process.
• The joys and challenges of technological advancements in surface pattern design.
• What Jessica’s dreams are like and how it influences her work.
• Jessica gives a preview as to what she’s working on next!

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