Creative careers can look very different for everyone, and they will absolutely change over time. We celebrate the growth and innovation that happens when creativity is allowed to flourish! This is why I am so glad to have Mallika Malhotra on the show today. She has let creativity take the lead and found that her photography business was so much more than shooting pretty pictures.  

Mallika Malhotra is a former ad executive who turned her talent of storytelling into a creative career at Miki Foto and Co. She is a photographer, storyteller, educator, author, and strategizer. Over the past 10 years doing photography, Mallika has developed strategies and approaches that capture the essence of a brand through pictures and words. What is so great about Mallika is that she wants to capture so much more than a moment with her photographs.   

Today, Mallika is going to share why she is so attracted to storytelling, and how her background in advertising led her to the job she has today. She will share her unique creative process for capturing brands through photography, and how storytelling and photography go hand-in-hand. Her journey takes many twists and turns, but the choices she makes always leads to more experiences with her family, and even more stories to tell along the way.  

More creativity in this episode:  

  • What Mallika has learned in her 10 years in her photography business!  
  • The impact of having immigrant parents and how being creative played into her family’s expectations.
  • Storytelling has been a huge facet of Mallika’s creative process.  
  • How Mallika decided to focus her photography on businesses and branding.  
  • Discover the unique process Mallika uses with her clients.  
  •  Ideas and stories form with multiple channels of inspiration. 
  • The difficulties inherent in a partnership with your clients.  
  • Why Mallika describes her style as aspirational but authentic.
  •  How experience and confidence are the best teachers.  
  • Travel is one of Mallika’s biggest influences on her art.  
  • Mallika is learning life balance at each step of the way. It’s all about the choices.
  • Why Mallika added a teaching component to her brandto answer the most common questions and share her love.  
  • All about her new book!

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