Trust the process. It’s a beautiful motto to live by, but what does it look like when our creativity is actually process-driven? What happens when different creative arenas combine to open up a whole new world of possibilities? This is exactly what my guest, Chef Silvia Bianco, and I are going to talk about today. Chef Silvia is, of course, a celebrated Italian chef, but she is so much more than that! Silvia infuses creativity in everything she does, from teaching cooking classes to Facebook Live videos about the role of food in spirituality and activism. 

Silvia’s accomplishments speak for themselves. She is a Zagat Award winner, resident chef at Williams Sonoma, a frequent columnist for Simple Reminders, and a guest on many TV programs like the Today Show. Silvia believes that cooking extends beyond the kitchen, and transforms our way of life. She loves cooking on stage in front of an audience, and she attributes that to her theater roots. People often praise and admire Silvia’s simple and refreshing approach to cooking. She develops recipes inspired by the flavors of home and the accomplishments of other chefs she admires. In every dish she prepares, she introduces spiritual and social teachings. Food is common ground for us all, and it is the perfect place for creativity to grow.     

Silvia doesn’t believe in culinary disasters, but even for a chef, burnout is a real threat. Today, we are going to tackle some of the most common problems creative business owners face, and how Silvia has overcome all of them with a spirit of curiosity. We will also chat about writing a cookbook, developing new recipes, and the moments in life that make the world just a bit more delicious! You do not want to miss out on what Silvia has in store for you today!  

More creativity in this episode:  

  • How Silvia has become a “modern-day mystic” as well as a celebrated chef.  
  • The diners in Silvia’s restaurant needed to know her creative process behind her food.  
  • Silvia’s theater background has influenced her cooking classes and career.  
  • Live cooking classes give Silvia so much more connection and authenticity.  
  • Discover the story behind Silvia’s restaurant.  
  • Learn all about the process of writing a cookbook.  
  • How Silvia deals with cooking disasters.  
  • Cooking taught Silvia to think on her feet.  
  • Silvia fights burnout in her kitchen.  
  • Why creativity is important for the world at large.  
  • Creativity is a light inside a dark world.  


Links Mentioned in the Episode
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