Small details can add up to tell a wonderful story, and sometimes that story tells just as much about the past as it does the future. When creatives draw inspiration from history and traditional methods, the result is often stunning. What other craft is so drenched in tradition and storytelling than wedding invitations? I am so thrilled to be sharing stories and reveling in the details with my good friend and guest, Hope Johnson. Hope is the inky hands behind The Little Blue Chair. Hope specializes in custom letterpress wedding invitations that capture a couple’s story. For Hope, no detail is too small for her clients.  

With a BFA in Fine Arts and Printmaking, Hope utilizes traditional and modern printmaking methods on her very own 100-year-old letterpress. Hope finds her inspiration from both the process of letterpress and it’s rich history. There is something exceptionally beautiful about printed words and ink, and Hope infuses that subtle beauty into everything she touches. Today, you will hear all about how Hope gathers the stories around each couple, infuses the little details into their custom letterpress, and then creates something truly unique for their big day. We’ll chat about why we love weddings, history, and working with inspiring clients. Hope will also share her best tactics for fighting burnout, and her next adventure in the wedding business.  

Today, let’s celebrate the little things and trust in the process. Hope is going to show us how!  

More creativity in this episode:  

  • Hope describes her dual role as the designer and printer for her business.
  • Hope’s creative endeavors are process-driven.
  • There is a sense of history in everything Hope does—from her 100-year-old letterpress to the paper she uses for printing.
  • Creating something unique to each client is like a mini celebration of their new marriage.
  • Hope talks about her educational background and her BFA.
  • Hope’s path toward printmaking was anything but direct, and yet she hasn’t turned back!
  • Learn all about the letterpress process.
  • Get a glimpse of how Hope works with clients and the genuine love she has for them.
  • For hope, the most important part of the design process is gathering information.
  • How Hope creates some digital renderings for her clients to proof before the permanent letterpress phase.
  • Why Hope needs space to create.
  • How to get out of a rut when the due dates hit all at once.
  • The impact of family and motherhood on Hope’s creative business.
  • Hope’s newest project on the horizon for Bride’s needing a little extra help in the plan.
  • Weddings are about unity, and that is a spiritual element to design that Hope carries with her.

Some of Hope’s Stationery Design Work:

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