There is nothing like watching a creative business owner work in their element. I love hearing stories of growth and transformation, especially when it comes to honing in on a business that they truly love. No two paths are alike, just as no two artists are alike. My guest today, Kristin Wilson, understands that better than anyone I know! Kristin has let creativity lead the way as she has built and changed her business throughout the years. From her roots in Early Education and creative classroom projects to stunning events she has planned, Kristin brings detail and attention to every aspect of her craft. Now, Kristin is in her element more than ever before as the owner of the Society for Creative Founders, as well as the founder of Grace and Serendipity.  

I am so thankful that Kristin came on the show to share all about her creative process. From working with her clients to the actual hard work of designing, Kristin will describe just what it takes to embrace her own unique artistry. Creativity comes for Kristin when she gives it space to grow. If you are facing burnout or feeling overwhelmed with your schedule, Kristin’s words will be the perfect balm for your creative spirit. She is going to share the steps she takes to protect her creativity, as well as some inventive solutions for getting it back!   

You do not want to miss this episode! Kristin will share how she went from being a night owl to a morning person, describe the details of her “Letterpress Epiphany,” and gush over our love of beautiful typography and design. If you didn’t believe that paper can change your life before, you will now! If paper and stationary isn’t your thing, there is still so much inspiration for you to soak up in my conversation with Kristin. What I love is that Kristin fully embraces the fact that everyone has their own unique voice. It’s never too late to explore and find your element, because once you are there, nothing can stop you!  

More in this episode:  

  • Kristin started out as a wedding planner after planning her own wedding.  
  • Even as a teacher, Kristin was always super organized and detail-oriented.  
  • All about the “Letterpress Epiphany!”  
  • Letterpress is equal parts tradition and artistry.  
  • Discover Kristin’s unique letterpress and design style.  
  • Hear about Kristin’s process with each of her unique clients.  
  • Working with just a few clients at a time helps Kristin with burnout.  
  • Prevent burnout by taking time to step away from your projects.  
  • Having kids has definitely affected Kristin’s creative process.  
  • Learn how Kristin has made herself a morning person!  
  • Why it is important to support creative women business owners.  
  • Stationary Academy literally changed Kristin’s life.  
  • Faith has been the biggest factor in making decisions, especially about taking over SCF  
  • It is difficult not to imbue too much of personal bias in a large society like SCF.  
  • Details about the upcoming Creative Founders Conference!  

Some of Kristen’s Stationery Design Work:

photo by Aislinn Kate Photography

photo by Aislinn Kate Photography

photo by Megan Kelsey Photography

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