It’s difficult to be in front of the camera, but the person behind it can make all the difference. Boudoir photography is having a moment as a beautiful expression of femininity. Whether it is to celebrate a wedding, reclaim your body after becoming a mother, or to stand tall and beautiful in the face of recovery, a boudoir photo shoot allows women to see themselves as they really are, uniquely beautiful. One of the frontrunners in the boudoir photography business is Jen Rozenbaum, whose fine art background and compassionate heart have produced a style of boudoir photography that is one part art and one part social movement.  

When Jen’s behind the camera, what you see is who you are. No retouching, no refining. This is because Jen is the champion of the Shamelessly Feminine movement. Today, you will hear not just why Jen got into boudoir photography, but why it is the perfect platform for a feminist movement. Jen believes that we can flip the narrative women have always been told by embracing their natural bodies to find what is beautiful within. Jen’s clients find themselves empowered by their sessions, rather than exposed.  

Jen has a story that will speak to everyone. For the over-thinkers and perfectionists, she shares her experiences of starting out in the photography business with very little know-how but a lot of heart. For the creative business owner and photographer, she shares her philosophy and client-centered approach. For those struggling with some of life’s most difficult battles, Jen gets real about her recent battle with cancer, and how that has transformed her life and her art. For the moms, Jen opens up how being a mother has empowered and informed her approach to photography.  

Jen dives heroically into all of this, and more, as we discuss what it means to be creative and connected. Today is about more than what happens in front of and behind the camera, but what happens beyond it!   

More in this episode:  

  • Jen got started with photography as a novice with a fine arts background.
  • Jen’s passion for Boudoir photography led her to start a business she had “no business” starting.
  • Boudoir photography is empowering and life-changing.
  • Fine art drawings have played into how she poses and styles her Boudoir shoots.
  • Discover what it means to be shamelessly feminine.
  • Jen explains her creative process for the most intimate shoots.
  • The biggest mistakes photographers and their clients might make.
  • A deep connection with a client is important to Jen’s process.
  • If the photos are good from the start, there is very little editing you need to do.
  • Photographers have to fight a lack of confidence in their skills.
  • How to flip the script and battle imposter syndrome with positive affirmation.
  • Jen’s breast cancer diagnosis has changed the clients she shoots for.
  • Women need something so intimate and life-changing.
  • Once her body started failing her, Jen had to focus on her purpose-driven life to continue to shoot.
  • How Jen got into teaching as a part of the mission.
  • When Jen decided to take on Shamelessly Feminine as a movement, and not just a photography philosophy.
  • Discover how motherhood has impacted Jen’s creativity.
  • What’s next for Jen as she recovers from breast cancer!

 Some of Jen’s Amazing Work:

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