Nothing inspires me to be creative quite like a good book!  

 I’m having a bit of a fangirl moment today, because one of my podcast heroes is this week’s guest. Anne Bogel is the Modern Mrs. Darcy and host of the “What Should I Read Next?” Podcast. Anne’s podcast encourages everyone to explore books of all kinds, and that reflects the creative and personable spirit she brings to the conversation. Anne isn’t just a reader. She’s also the author of Reading People, a book all about how to use popular personality frameworks to tackle real life problems.


Today, Anne is going to share not just what creativity means to her, but also how reading and writing unlocks the creative spirit within her. Anne will share her Number 1 tip for reading more, even in the middle of our crazy lives. We will also share how reading shapes the creative process and inspires us to create work of our own. It’s enough to make you want to get lost in a book!

  • Has Anne always been a reader?
  • Some of Anne’s favorite books growing up.
  • Why words are a creative medium.
  • Anne can read without analysis!
  • Get some ideas to try everything.
  • Anne’s best advice for reading to enhance their creativity.
  • Why listening to audiobooks definitely counts.
  • How Anne made the switch from reader to writer.
  • Anne is a longtime personality geek.
  • Discover the “Real Person Wrote This” approach.
  • Anne’s perspectives on reading with our kids.
  • Books can help us make a deep connection.
  • Anne’s favorite personality assessments.
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