There is a little bit of creative genius in all of us, but sometimes we need a little help expressing it. Angelica Suarez loves to sit in the space between the creative and the strategic. Angelica is an illustrator, entrepreneur, small business strategist, and a mom to four children. She is on a mission to help anyone (not just creative business owners) tap into their inner creative genius.


Angelica is at the helm of two businesses, AngSuarez Creative and Crafted In Joy Stamps. Today, she will have the opportunity to share how these businesses came to be, and how she uses her businesses to fulfill needs she was seeing in her community. I am excited for you to hear how Angelica learned to be creative by watching her mom work, and how she developed her natural talents into a strategy for a business. She is something of a creative translator for linear thinkers, and I know you are going to want to incorporate some of her techniques into your own process. Angelica is also recently diving back into stamping, so she will spend some time sharing what creativity looks like there.
It can be difficult to balance creative expression with business and motherhood, but Angelica manages to find inspiration just about everywhere.
More Creativity in this episode:
  • Angelica shares with us all about her illustrations and growing up with an inspirational mother.
  • Let’s talk about the niche of Stamping!
  • Why Angelica decided to start her business.
  • Sometimes, burnout happens because of the business end of things, not the craft.
  • Angelica learned how to do logos the hard way, and it ended up being her personal style.
  • How Angelica works with people who are not typically “creative.”
  • Creative projects take time!
  • Discover Angelica’s process with her clients.
  • How to teach your clients how to work with you.
  • Hand-drawn illustrations are standing out from all of the digital graphics.
  • Angelica gets creativity from her children.
  • Finding a space to do creative projects is essential.
  • The motivation behind starting up a Stamping company again.
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