What is holding you back creatively? For many of us, we have fears and doubts that inhibit our ability to create. Where do you often feel “stuck,” and are you ready to break the fear cycle? I have great news for you then! My guest on the show today is Kate Swoboda, author of The Courage Habit. Kate uses her deep understanding of human cognition to help us break through some of our deepest fears and cultivate a habit of courageousness. Kate’s book helps you identify the places where fear habitually holds you back, and then gives you strategies you can use to break those habits. The result? A creative life or business that is free from fear and anxiety!


Kate is going to share today how the fear-breaking process helped her write her book. It is encouraging for me to know that even the author of a book on courage still experiences fear with some of her creative endeavors. After talking with Kate, I had a few breakthroughs of my own, so I know you are going to get so much out of this interview. Dive in this week to overcome fear and cultivate courage!
More Creativity in this episode:
  • Kate has always identified as a creative person.
  • How Kate got into the coaching work she does today.
  • Can the fear of something that hasn’t happened be overcome?
  • You can rig your habit response when fear comes up.
  • Discover the most common fear reactions.
  • Learn how to access your body when you experience fear sensations.
  • Listen without attachment to your fear.
  • Practical steps for practicing a courage response.
  • Discover “conscious crying.”
  • What is your relationship to your fear?
  • Writing a book is like running a triathlon.
  • Is there such a thing as healthy fear?
  • We only live half a life if we aren’t working through our emotional fears.
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