Laura Kashner is a graphic designer and editor, specializing in publication design. Since launching her freelance business after college, Laura’s sent thousands of pages and over 150 magazines to the press. In 2017, she launched Whitespace Magazine, her own print publication for artists and designers. Laura has two daughters and a husband, and lives in an adorable farm town in Illinois.


Laura is the perfect person to demonstrate how creativity can blossom within constraints. Simplicity is an important part of her design aesthetic, and being a publication designer structure is a constant. For Laura, these constraints have only helped her to further define who she is– both as a creative, and as a female entrepreneur. And a lot of it comes down to seeking white space in her life to focus on what’s most important.
More creativity in this episode:
  • Why it’s important to build community with other creative entrepreneurs
  • What experience solidified Laura’s passion for publication design
  • How Laura made the transition from employment to entrepreneurship
  • Laura explains how publication design works to tell a story
  • How Laura balances creativity and structure in her work
  • Laura has an epiphany about how her life and creative work styles mirror one another
  • The importance of seeking “white space” in her life to grow
  • Where and when inspiration typically strikes
  • How she developed her own creative voice around simplicity
  • Laura describes how her interest in simplistic design translates to her home
  • How and when to say ‘no’ to client work
  • What led Laura to start her print publication, Whitespace Magazine
  • What the creation and publication process looks like
  • Laura shares her hopes for the future of Whitespace Magazine
  • How she balances family and publication design work
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