Susan is a photographer and digital artist. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona and has an immense love of animals, travel, and art. She’s combined all of these passions together to create a large gallery of photos, digital art, and video clips available as stock photography and prints designed for animal and travel businesses and enthusiasts. 


Susan describes herself as creating images for the “animal industry”, which covers everything from taking photos for local animal shelters to traveling to Africa. In this episode, Susan dives into how she left her traditional 9-to-5 career to turn her passion for animals into a successful photography business. Her thirst for new experiences and lifelong learning will make you want to up your own game when it comes to pursuing your dreams.

More creativity in this episode:

  • How Susan built her unique creative business
  • How Susan made the big change from a corporate job to full time photography
  • Why Susan prefers to photograph animals over people
  • The way Susan sets up photo shoots for pets and animals
  • A story of how Susan came face to face with adrenaline-inducing creatures
  • How Susan’s personal style and knowing what will sell come together
  • Susan explains how she repurposes her photography to make whimsical digital art
  • How long it takes to create complex composite imagery in Photoshop
  • Why a safari in Africa changed her life
  • Susan shares tips and tricks to successfully capture wildlife on camera
  • Susan explains how she’s built her passive and residual income streams
  • Why and where Susan loves to learn, plus her favorite resources
  • What’s still on her photography bucket list
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