Shawna Clingerman is an artist, and after years as a creative she’s not afraid to say it. In fact, Shawna has spent nearly a decade in the graphic design industry and loves hand hand lettering, illustrations, and playfully watercoloring in her journal any chance she gets. Shanwna’s work can be seen often in the scrapbooking and crafting industry through Illustrated Faith, Becky Higgins, Paperhouse Productions, and more. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her four sons and husband. 


In this episode, Shawna shares her thoughts on how getting paid client business and being free to do the art you want are not mutually exclusive. Her slow-and-steady approach to honing her skills and exploring her creative voice has allowed her to remain true to who she is and also lay the foundation for taking big leaps when she was ready. Shawna’s down-to-earth yet completely inspiring creative entrepreneurial journey will make your own business ambitions feel a little more accessible.

More creativity in this episode:

  • Shawna explains why she feels more successful working on a lot of different projects
  • What experiences helped Shwana get started in graphic design
  • Shawna explains what digital scrapbooking is
  • How much money Shawna made per month when she first started selling her art
  • How long Shawna was doing digital scrapbooking before transitioning into paper
  • Why it’s important to put your portfolio together
  • Shawna’s tips on how to fight imposter syndrome
  • How to work with big brands to create their vision with her own point of view
  • Why Shawna loves getting feedback and how it impacts her work
  • Shawna shares insights from designing for her brand and individual client experiences
  • Where she finds inspiration for illustration
  • How Shawna balances paid work, passion projects, and being a mom
  • What Shawna does on her down time between client work to recharge
  • How Shawna’s faith is woven into her artistic work
  • How she pulls big ideas into product ideas
  • Why she still gets excited when she sees her designs on physical product
  • What might be next in the creative field for Shawna
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