No one in the world can create what you can. No one shares your voice, your passion, and your gifts. If you just so happen to want to turn your creative ideas into a business, then it’s likely you’ll start to fight fears and doubts. Putting yourself out there as a creative business owner is scary and sometimes overwhelming, but it is all worth it to see the lives of many touched by the work you create. Nobody knows that feeling better than Kathleen Shannon, one of the most influential thought leaders for creative business owners and bosses. I am delighted to have Kathleen on the show today because she speaks into our inner desire to create beautiful things while also finding the right clients and customers to serve. Kathleen is a creative brand master, and she has a beautiful story to tell you today.  

Kathleen is super passionate about and gifted in helping creative entrepreneurs find their brand identity and grow their business. Kathleen is the mastermind behind both Braid Creative Consulting and the Being Boss Podcast. Because of the success of her show, Kathleen is now finishing up her bright ideas for a brand new book, now available for pre-order!  

Each of these creative ventures is designed to equip creative business owners to use their unique voice and create beautiful work. She knows running a business based on your own creative inspiration is challenging, so today she wants to share her story of how she came to the successes she enjoys today. Here’s a hint: it involves seizing opportunities, believing in her abilities, and making genuine human connections that span any perceived divide.  

 Though Kathleen still battles fear when creating, she has found a voice and perspective that serves so many people. Today, she will share what her creative process looks like while working with clients. She has had a few high-profile people it is like to work with high-profile clients. She will also share how she seeks out common ground in any project she is working on, whether it was designing a wedding invitation or branding a golf course! Kathleen believes that because everyone is human, we can make a genuine connection with anyone! Let’s dive in now to see how Kathleen turned all over her best inspirations into reality.  

Show Highlights: 

  • Kathleen shares her education background and how her perspective of creativity has changed since then.  
  • Writing is a new pursuit that Kathleen loves.  
  • Kathleen’s sister paved the way for her to start her own creative career.  
  • Learning on the job and marketing agency experience gave Kathleen the skillsets she needed to run her business.  
  • Blogging opened Kathleen up to the world of entrepreneurship and freelancing. 
  • Weddings are a unique project that we can really express creativity.  
  • Learn Kathleen’s favorite brands to work with at Braid Creative.  
  • Most of Kathleen’s clients are “dream clients.”  
  • We all have moments of doubt in our designs, and Kathleen is no exception!  
  • Find your muses and mentors as your inspiration for design.  
  • Discover the “Braid Method” that Kathleen and her team use to start producing creative work.  
  • Kathleen includes the Creative into the process to help them create ownership over it.  
  • Learn whether or not Kathleen uses paper sketches or digital art!  
  • Kathleen’s idea formation is all about intentional thought and an idea bank. 
  • Discussing the “magic” of design that happens almost on its own!  
  • Kathleen describes her style without looking at it.  
  • Typography is an easy way for Kathleen to see how she has evolved.  
  • Trends do matter.  
  • Learn the story of the Being Boss Podcast.  
  • Kathleen uses the Chalkboard Method to track her big goals, and it helped her write her book!  
  • What has room on the Chalkboard this year.  
  • Kathleen and her husband might speak different languages, but they find points of connection through their mutual love of design. 

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