What does social activism and creativity have in common? It turns out, that there is quite a lot! Creators have the power to inspire change and shape lives, and when the world around your tries to dim the light we have within, we can turn to other creatives for support and encouragement. While many creatives find themselves isolated or alone in their struggle, my guest, Emelda DeCoteau is drawing near to her tribe for strength. Emelda is a poet, writer, blogger, and activist who is using her beautiful words to draw women together in a powerful way. To her, activism and creativity are one in the same. In today’s show, she is going to show us how her writing process depends so much upon the creative community she has built and spiritual strength she draws from her words. 

Emelda, or “E” as she sometimes calls herself, feels at home all over the world. While she does claim to be an extrovert, she is trying to create open connections with creative women that anyone can access. Currently, her community outreach is built on Instagram and Facebook, which E sees as an equal-access platform for anyone with a perspective to share. In these settings, creative writing is the conduit for true connection. Emelda is chatting today about how she draws inspiration from the dark events happening in the world today. She writes into being hope and light in the face of injustice. She uses her perspective as a woman of color and a mom of young, impressionable girls to write positive, empowering messages to anyone who would read them.  


Right now, Emelda is pouring into Women Creatives Chat and her Live In Color blog, as well as being a frequent columnist in many other publications. She is writing into being tools that other creative women can use to change the world, and she’s doing it in an inviting, empowering way. Creative women often feel alone in their struggles, but E is making sure you don’t have to be! Community is a source of strength, so let’s celebrate that together today.   

More creativity in this episode:  

  • Baltimore is definitely a creative city on the rise.
  • Creatives need to get out and connect with other people.  
  • Emelda has been a writer her whole life.  
  • Writing is a way to bringEmelda’s experience as a young woman, a person of color, and the daughter of an immigrant.  
  • Where you can findEmelda’s writing.  
  • Hear all aboutEmelda’s writing and journaling process.  
  • The beautiful letter Emelda wrote to her daughter, encouraging her in these tumultuous times.  
  • HowEmelda can turn difficult circumstances into beautiful art.  
  • Take a break! Step back into your work with clear vision.
  • How WomenCreatives Chat got its start.  
  • The issues near and dear toEmelda’s heart.  
  • Being intentional about your time is essential to your soul’s health.
  • How to get connected to a community that is nourishing to you.
  • Activism is a form of creativity. Find events around you!
  • Social media is a powerful tool to give everyone a platform.

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