Our brand strategy work is second to none. Plus, you won’t have the unnecessary expense of a full time designer on payroll OR be constantly on the hunt for a freelancer who can take care of your design and development needs. Instead, you’ll have a partner in the Splendidly Curious team as you grow your business and brand to make a deep, lasting impression on your market.

Want to hear more about what your One Year Engagement Can Include? So glad you asked…


smart brand strategy


is the creative combination of evaluation, forecasting, and focused action steps to create a brand that makes an impact. It includes your unique messaging, visuals, and confidence that pulls your ideal people to your business – to the point where they think and feel “YES – I want that. I need that.”

An important, though less tangible, result of brand strategy that our clients experience is feeling so confident in what they uniquely offer that they no longer (or very rarely) compare themselves to their competitors or get upset when a “hot new business” enters their market. It’s so important to be aware of your competition, but not compare your business to theirs or become so much of a fan of other businesses that you lose sight of your own marvelous brand and what it stands for.

Some of the things we can accomplish when we work together on your brand strategy includes (+)

  • Make your business feel like “you” so you personify your brand
  • Distinguish your business so that it stands out from the crowd
  • Make your business visually stand out and “stick” in the minds of prospects
  • Position you clearly within your market
  • Help you set and meet clearly defined revenue goals
  • Clearly define or refine your offerings and price points
  • Attract clients who are a great “fit” for the way you serve
  • Attract customers who LOVE your stuff so much they become evangelists


beautiful design


Once the next steps for your brand become clear, we take the design and development work off your plate as Suzi and her designers create a stunning web and digital presence that allows the visual part of your brand to draw in the best possible prospects and help you convert them.

What items would you design for me?

A better question would be what web or digital materials wouldn’t we design for you? Many of our clients are initially shocked by how much we take off their plates AND enable them to accomplish over the course of a year. Are you still building or designing your own sales or landing pages? Not anymore. Have you put off creating an e-book because you want it to look elegant and professional but you don’t have the time to deal with the design piece? It will get done, and look better than you ever imagined possible.

If you’re doing any of the following yourself (or not doing it at all and thus holding your business back), imagine our design and development team taking care of it for you: (+)

  • Websites
  • Landing Pages
  • Ebooks
  • Opt in materials
  • Webinar pages and promotions
  • Product launch materials
  • Social media campaign graphics
  • Media and speaker kits
  • Online or membership course workbooks
  • Retreat planning documents
  • Packaging for information products


meticulous development


Design and development go hand in hand. We don’t just design your website(s), your membership site(s), or your sales and landing pages – we build them for you. And, at the risk of stating the obvious, we take care of all of back end development tasks for you for the entire year, including monthly maintenance (complete site back up, theme, WordPress, and plugin updates).

The bigger your business grows, the more design you need – it’s just a fact. This is when you need an in-house design team, not a web designer. It’s time for you to partner with an agency that gets what it takes to be a small business owner in a digital world.


want to partner up?

Long Term Engagement packages start at $16,000/year and we take an extremely limited number of clients. Fill out our potential client profile to see if we may be a fit to work together. Have some questions first? See our Frequently Asked Questions here.