Define Your Brand


  • SuziIstvanIf you feel like you are swimming in a sea of similar businesses and struggling to stand out, you need to define your brand.
  • If you find your heart sinking every time you hear about someone new entering your market, and you find yourself rushing to her website to compare your offerings and pricing, you need to define your brand.
  • If you stammer and ramble whenever people ask what you offer, you need to define your brand.
  • And if your business just doesn’t feel like “you” or you keep attracting clients you dread working with, you need to define your brand.

Once your brand is defined, you can convince customers of the value of your company without feeling manipulative or sleezy. You’ll clearly be able to explain your products or services in a way that gets your prospects as excited as you are. You’ll understand what sets you apart from your competition so you can focus on building your community.



  • My favorite (and simple!) method for finding what makes you and your brand unique
  • How to explore the ways you show up in your client’s lives, and define how you WANT to going forward
  • Great ways to get to know your prospective clients better
  • Ways to differentiate your business from others in your field by the way you serve people
  • Tools you can return to again and again as your brand evolves and changes over time