The Problem With “Authenticity”


I was reading through a Facebook group full of entrepreneurial women recently, when I saw a business owner post something similar to this: “People have told me the name of my shop might be off-putting, because its not totally appropriate. But I don’t care. I’m being AUTHENTIC. And I’m not always appropriate and sometimes say… Read More

Creating Products Your Audience Will Love


You’ve got a new offer that you are SO excited to create. You know your audience pretty well, and you think its exactly what they want from you, and you have a feeling this could sell really well. Now, if only there were a way for you to feel truly confident that you are delivering… Read More

Feed Your Creativity: 15 Inspiring Instagram Accounts To Follow


There comes a point in every project where I simply can not look at my own work anymore. I hit the wall, feel creatively tapped out, and start to settle into old, tired patterns. That’s why I always have an emergency stash of eye candy nearby for inspiration emergencies! Instagram has become one of my… Read More

4 Lies Creative Business Owners Tell Themselves


This little lie keeps many creative business owners overwhelmed, overextended, and completely stuck when it comes to growing a brand. We creatives are great at convincing ourselves that since our work comes from US, we can’t possibly bring on others to help us. This is far from the truth. Start with the roles in your… Read More

Nobody Wants What You’re Selling

Nobody Wants What You're Selling...And That's Ok.

A few months ago, I was having a coaching call with one of my Quiet Power Strategy group members. She’s this brilliant launch strategist and in one of her offerings, she teaches her clients to successfully use Google Analytics. When asked, “What do your clients most want at the culmination of your time together?”, she… Read More

No Longer Optional


I live in a charming small town in Upstate New York. Because we’re located in the gorgeous Finger Lakes we’re a bit of a tourist destination, and summer officially kicked off this week. I noticed yesterday as I was walking down Main Street that our normally sleepy town was bustling with the tourists, summer residents… Read More

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