”The truth is that the masses don’t want to feel like ‘the masses’.
They want to discern. To choose. To be seen. To matter. Your customers don’t want to be just anyone, they want to be someone.

The great brands of the future will be built by those who have worked hard to gain the insight that enables them to whisper ‘we see you’ to their customers.

Shouting ‘notice us’ just doesn’t cut it anymore.”

– Bernadette Jiwa, Difference

What if you had deep insight into what your best ideal clients most want (and need) and a written customized plan to reach them?

A foundation so solid you refer to it again and again as your business grows, gleaning insight you can use every time.

We love doing brand strategy work with clients. Our Charismatic Brand process (TM) is the perfect melding of our strengths, training, and what our clients need.

Brand strategy is the creative combination of evaluation, forecasting, and focused action steps to create a brand that makes an impact. It includes your unique messaging, visuals, and confidence that pulls your ideal people to your business – to the point where they think and feel
“YES – I want that. I need that.”

When you choose to dive into this work with us, you’ll walk away from the experience with a comprehensive, customized done-for-you Charismatic Brand Strategy Report that will support you to:

>> Read the minds of your best customers – the ones you wish you could replicate. Learn what they REALLY want (even when they don’t say it) and how to show them you truly understand.

>> Distinguish your business in a crowded, noisy marketplace. You’ll use the results of our detailed research to create messaging and visuals that draw your people in.

>> Sell more easily to your best ideal clients without a hint of “salesy-ness.” You’ll pair your strengths with what your people want in the best way possible for each of you.

“Your Charismatic Brand Strategy guide is like a roadmap to the answers for some of business’s hardest questions. The stumbling block most businesses face today is connecting what customers need with how a business owner wants to create value.

Suzi distills the secret sauce for each business into an easy-to-follow guide that will eliminate that block and put you on the fast track to attention, traction, and sales.”

– Tara Gentile, creator of Quiet Power Strategy™

When you commit to a charismatic brand strategy package, you will experience:

>> Dynamic, collaborative work with our Creative Director, Suzi Istvan, through which you will receive deep insight into what make you and your best people tick.

>> A deepening commitment to doing high quality work that serves with lasting impact – with clients and customers for whom you are the obvious best choice.

>> Ideas that transcend the conventional online sales funnel and research that allows you to give your ideal clients and customers what they need.

“Suzi Istvan is a powerhouse brand strategist, with a strong sense of what works online and off. She has a keen sense of the different marketing landscapes, and where your business can carve out a special place to thrive. She’s done it for herself, and she’ll help you do it, too!

Her recommendations are incredibly applicable, and she can cut to the heart of an issue and deliver top not strategies within minutes. I highly recommend hiring Suzi for brand strategy before she’s booked solid, because this is one investment that will lead to more protable offerings and a happier business too!”

-Nathalie Lussier, Digital Strategist and Co-Founder at AmbitionAlly.com

Here’s what happens when you sign up for a Charismatic Brand Strategy Package:

>> You and Suzi dive deeply into your business, your strengths, and who your ideal people (clients and customers) are. You complete some focused written homework and meet on the phone with Suzi for a 60 minute deep dive one on one strategy session.”

>> Suzi and her team then take two weeks to do deep research into the needs of your best people. This work goes way beyond the traditional online marketing sales funnel. In fact, we don’t want you thinking in terms of the sales funnel anymore – we want you communicating with and creating for your best people – the tip of the pyramid – the people you most love to work with and who you can make the most impact with. Plan on ditching those “customer avatar” exercises too!

>> At the end of the two week research period we present you with your Charismatic Brand Strategy Report: a customized, 20-30 page plan to bring the heart and soul of your business out into the world. You will refer to your Playbook again and again. You will want to share it with your designer, copywriter, coach – anyone you hire to help you market or grow your business.

Your Charismatic Brand Strategy Report will include:

>> Deep insight into who your ideal clients are, how they think, why they love what they do, and what they really want out of life – we suggest ways to pair your greatest strengths and the ways you love to serve with what they want so, in their hearts and minds, there is no substitute for what you offer.

>> Ideas on how to position your business and get attention in a way that deeply resonates – for your ideal people and for you – includes specific questions you can address in your content and marketing, ideas for sales messaging, and recommendations on type and structure of offerings.

>> Visual ideas based on our deep design experience – we make recommendations for your brand tone and feel, including what visual elements you should consider using and why.

We believe in brand strategy so strongly that we advocate doing this work before doing your design or copywriting. Our process dives deeply into who you are, what you want to accomplish through your business, and what you want out of life. From there, we dive deeply into who your ideal clients and customers are, what they want to accomplish, and what they desire in their lives. This intimate, detailed deep dive will help you create offerings, messaging and positioning designed to reach your best people.

Your Charismatic Brand Strategy Investment: $1,750

payment plans available, spaces limited to 3 clients per month

We believe it’s possible for you to make the impact you want to make as the best version of yourself – and that you desire to build relationships that lead to an inbox filled with clients who love you, who are tripping over themselves to send you referrals.
Not to mention the kick- butt marketing materials you’ll create as a direct result of our work together!

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About Suzi Istvan

With over a decade of branding and marketing experience in corporate, small business, and nonprofit agencies, Suzi is passionate about helping micro businesses stand out.

As a Quiet Power Strategy™-certified coach, Suzi is brilliant at teasing out what’s unique about each of her clients and supporting them to create brands that not only serve their clients and customers incredibly well, but make them light up inside and feel happy and fulfilled.

Who is brand strategy work good for?


This work is perfect for anyone who wants to take a more thoughtful approach to their business. Who cares about creating offerings their very best clients will love and who wants to do business in a way that best brings out their strengths. Service provides, makers, retailers, online, and in-person businesses can all use the work we will do together. Keep in mind, your report can take a look at your brand as a whole or focus on a very specific offering that you’re developing.

How will I know that I’m ready for serious brand strategy work?


Some indicators we’ve discovered through our experience working with our brilliant clients in one year engagement packages may help you here:

  • You feel like you’re just one of many who offer what you do and you’re ready to stand out.
  • You’re tired of following the advice of business “gurus” and you’re ready to do things YOUR way.
  • You’re creating more offerings, reaching more people, and bumping up your rates (or you plan to).
  • You constantly feel like you’re spinning your wheels or trying to do everything at once. Your Charismatic Brand Strategy Report will help you decide where you should be focusing your efforts and what opportunities will best serve your audience and your business.

How will I be able to use my brand strategy report in my business?


Brand strategy should form the solid foundation for the rest of your business to be built on. You can use this to develop and market new offers with your very best clients in mind. You can (and should) give it to your designer and your copywriter to infuse your brand’s tone and values into your website and copy. You will return to this report again and again as you grow your business, ensuring that everything you do will meet the needs of the people you are truly meant to serve in a way that allows you to do the work that you do best.

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