LIVE Bonus Episode of our limited edition Business Break Series! Every Friday in March and April, we’ll be talking to experts who have advice, ideas, and insight specifically for creative business owners. You can join in the LIVE discussion on Fridays at 1:30EST on the Splendidly Curious Facebook Page!

Does SEO make your head spin? Are you getting the right traffic to your creative business? I pick the brain of SEO Expert Meg Casebolt of Megabolt Digital In this interview, we jam about:

  • WHY creative biz owners need to care about SEO
  • why SEO isn’t just Google- its Etsy, Pinterest, and anywhere you potential clients may be searching!
  • some easy, non-scary ways you can start to improve your SEO right now
  • why its not “too late” to do this work
  • the essential steps product-based businesses and photographers won’t want to miss
  • and more!

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