Welcome to our first LIVE Bonus Episode of our limited edition Business Break Series! Every Friday in March and April, we’ll be talking to experts who have advice, ideas, and insight specifically for creative business owners. You can join in the LIVE discussion on Fridays at 1:30EST on the Splendidly Curious Facebook Page!

Today we were joined by Courtney Foster-Donahue, Queen of all things Facebook.

In this ep Courtney tells us:

  • why creative biz owners NEED to be FB (even if Instagram is your main squeeze)
  • how to revive a dead page- or grow one without bugging your friends and family for “likes”
  • if you think your business page is all there is to a Facebook strategy, you are missing out on LOTS the platform offers
  • And more!

Join her free 4 Day Facebook Makeover Workshop Starting March 5th:


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