Friend-raising AND Fundraising…Are You Paying Attention To Both?


  My first job after college was working in development for a region of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. My job was to plan and market events in the area that would bring in more money to support our organization. The events we planned came in two different categories: fundraisers (which were exactly what you think of… Read More

Your Business is Not Spaghetti


The clients I work and the business owners I interact with in the Marvelous Brand Builders Facebook community with tend to fall into two categories: the overthinkers and the spaghetti-throwers. The overthinkers have lots of ideas of things they want to create. They see where their favorite clients need help. The know what they want… Read More

Nobody Wants What You’re Selling

Nobody Wants What You're Selling...And That's Ok.

A few months ago, I was having a coaching call with one of my Quiet Power Strategy group members. She’s this brilliant launch strategist and in one of her offerings, she teaches her clients to successfully use Google Analytics. When asked, “What do your clients most want at the culmination of your time together?”, she… Read More

No Longer Optional


I live in a charming small town in Upstate New York. Because we’re located in the gorgeous Finger Lakes we’re a bit of a tourist destination, and summer officially kicked off this week. I noticed yesterday as I was walking down Main Street that our normally sleepy town was bustling with the tourists, summer residents… Read More

You Can’t Outsource This


I'm a big proponent of doing what YOU do, and then bringing support into your business to handle the rest. Staying in what author Gay Hendricks calls "your zone of genius". Allowing yourself to focus on the tasks that make you money, make you happy, and make you well-known in your field, while others help… Read More

Avoid My Mistakes When You Finish A Client Project


In my first few years of web design freelancing, there was one area where I used to completely drop the ball. I actually cringe now when I think back on it. You see, as you're wrapping up a website launch it can be exhilarating and exhausting. There are so many pieces that come together, a… Read More

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