About Suzi

Suzi with Computer CroppedHi, I’m Suzi Istvan.

I design & develop ultra-custom websites & brand identities for independent business owners who aspire to be the absolute best in their field. In short: I create websites that showcase my clients’ personalities in the most amazing way possible.

My favorite clients are on a mission to make the world a healthier, kinder and (much) more beautiful place. They’re hard workers with kind hearts. Life-lovers with life-changing ideas. And they never stop working towards serving their clients in innovative, generous ways.

A custom, true-to-you website boosts your business confidence and tells others to take you seriously, too. That’s why it’s my mission to work with you to create an unforgettable (not to mention gorgeous) online identity to continue growing your influence & blazing a path to world-domination. (All with kindness, of course!)


Wanna learn more about how I can help you shine online? Check out my web design & development, e-course development and other services to help you stand out right over this way.