Hi, I’m Suzi Istvan…

Welcome to Splendidly Curious, a vibrant virtual hub dedicated to the business growth and nourishment of purpose-driven businesses.

My passion is helping spirited business owners grow a thriving brand, doing work they love with clients they adore.

You wear so many hats in your business, and you’ve outgrown working with contractors and hourly help.

You need an integrator to put all the pieces of your marketing strategy or launch together.

Or a comprehensive advertising and lead nurturing plan and design.

Or an “in house” marketing director.

That’s where I come in.

I know that the world is better with you doing whole-hearted work in it.

I know that you shouldn’t have to do it alone.

And I know that you can build a stable, successful, and seriously profitable business with that talent and brilliant mind of yours.


Which is why . . .We focus on what your business needs to grow sustainably, so you can achieve (and reflect with joy and amazement upon) milestones like:

Creating a profitable business model

Having repeat clients/accounts who love working with you

Implementing a realistic, scalable marketing strategy

Hiring team members who support your busines in measurable ways

Garnering respect and authority in your industry

Reaching your sales goals without burning out

As a brand strategist, marketing expert and community leader with over 15 years of experience, I’ve built my own creative brand up to the point where I haven’t had to market my services for going on five years. This happened because, in addition to loving my craft, I know, love and am great at the marketing and business side – from the creative’s perspective. I not only know this stuff inside and out (and have done it for my own business), I’ve implemented successful strategies behind the scenes of businesses like yours.

Over my 15 year career I’ve worked in the non-profit, small business and corporate sectors, and then as the owner of a design agency where I’ve been behind the scenes doing brand strategy, design, and creative director work for hundreds of online businesses (some small, some large, some “Internet famous”).

I work with brilliant creatives and industry leaders, have appeared on Creative Live as a guest expert, spoken at live events, and have established myself as a trusted design and branding pro who delivers results. Most of my current client roster have been with me for 2+ years, and I consistently have a waitlist.

On the life side of things, I’m a wife, and mom of 3 boys and new baby girl, and a bookworm who loves strong coffee, binge listening to podcasts, yoga, cooking for a crowd and the West Wing. (Seriously, CJ Cregg is my spirit animal.)

I get what it takes to juggle client work, creative work, and manage the business side of a everything with an incredibly full life.

The world needs full hearted business owners who at the end of the day simply want to do great work and feel fulfilled and supported while doing it.