We Help You Define Your Messaging, Plan Your Launches, and Welcome More People Into Your Audience So You Can Increase Your Impact & Income.

Through expert Ad Consultation and Management, Digital Funnel Design, and High-Touch Marketing Integrator services, we want to help you show up and serve more of the people you were meant to serve. 

You’re a service provider, coach, or a creative and you’ve been growing this business of yours for a while.

You know that your offers help people, and you’re ready to help MORE of them.

You need to grow your platform, grow your list, grow your sales…
and maybe finally put that product of yours on an evergreen cycle…
or a least have someone pull ALL of your marketing channels together into one cohesive strategy….

That’s exactly where we come in.

Facebook & Instagram Ads for Lead-Generation or Launching

Funnel Strategy Intensives 

Marketing Integrator Retainers

Meet Suzi Istvan

I’m the Founder and Marketing Strategist behind Splendidly Curious. With over 16 years of marketing experience, I’ve seen everything from the inner-workings of corportate strategies, to behind-the-scenes of “internet famous” launches and everything in between, I’m obsessed with helping you to grow your audience, email list, and sales, all while showing up to be of service to your customers.

I’m an Enneagram 5, ENFJ, Fact-Finder, and Integrator who LOVES to partner with Visionaries to bring their marketing dreams to life.

Outside of work I’m a mom of 4, wife to my childhood sweetheart, bookworm, gardener, and I love to cook. I’m honored to meet you!

I believe that marketing can be elegant, ethical, and leave your audience feeling better than when you found them. I believe you can dramatically scale your sales without manipulation or slimy tactics. And I believe you shouldn’t have to do it alone.

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