Your Next Launch For Your Creative Business Can Be Wildly Successful


You can put your best work into the world without overwhelm,
nurture an audience in a way that doesn’t feel “sale-sy”,
and grow a brand that supports 
your dreams.

You just need some tools, some guidance,
and a tribe that’s 
got your back.

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Splendidly Curious is the enthusiastic connector, creator, and currator of:

Inspiring and actionable resources for launching, list building, and lead generation for your amazing business.

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I’m Suzi Istvan…

I’m a brand strategist and marketing expert with over 13 years of experience, owner of my own creative business, designer,  and community leader who is passionate about helping handmade, hand lettered, crafty, and creative spirited business owners grow a thriving brand, doing work they love with clients they adore.

Whew, that’s a mouthful!

I know that the world is better with you doing creative work in it. I know that you shouldn’t have to do it alone. And I know that you can build a stable, successful, and seriously profitable business with that creative talent of yours.

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The Nourished Creative Collective

Part Business Mastermind, Part Mentorship, Part Sisterhood.

The Nourished Creative Collective is an ongoing program designed to facilitate connection, fuel inspiration, and fight burnout so we can rise together to do our best work in the world.


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